Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tonight, two of my good friends took me out to dinner for my birthday. We went to Claim Jumpers, at Town Square. It was delicious. These girls are so funny and so fun to be around. They are a crack up and we had a great time. We went to Boot Camp together for 6 weeks and have been doing fun things together ever since Boot Camp ended. Sloan is a make-up artist and we spent about 2 hours at MAC. She did a little makeover on each of us and then we headed over to U-Swirl for some yogurt ice-cream. Sloan works with me in Primary. She is the chorister and I play the piano. We have a good time for ourselves on Sunday. It would be pretty boring if she wasn't in there to liven things up. Plus she is so beautiful that all the kids are in awe when she is up there leading the music. Kristie's little girl Madison and Adisynn are little playmates and we are going to car pool to pre-school this year. Kristie had her eyes made-up this evening and they were gorgeous. She has great big brown eyes. I don't know if you can tell from the picture all that was done but it was so fun. Berlynn came along too and its so fun having her old enough to come hang out with us. Now Adisynn is another story....... Sloan's darling boy Gavin came along too. Hes use to hanging out at the MAC store. He was an angel. Thanks again girls for dinner and a freakin fun night!!!!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Berlynn, Adisynn and I flew to Phoenix for my birthday. We had a fabulous time. Really hated to come back to "THE REAL WORLD". For some reason I really like to be out of town for my birthday. Its been like that now for the fast several years.
Our trip consisted of swimming, and yes I did get my hair wet. Usually when I swim I just paddle around the pool and tell everyone not to splash me or I'll have to kick some butts!! Lots of eating. Especially the cream cheese brownies from Paradise Bakery!!!! TO DIE FOR!!! Even better than the BYU brownies. For my birthday lunch we went to Cheese Cake Factory and for the birthday dinner we went to Tia Rosa Mexican restarant. YUM!!!!! Went to a few baseball games, shopping and more shopping and even more shopping.
Saturday night we went to PF Changs for a bloggers dinner. It was totally fun. We stayed until closing and could have stayed there all night long just visiting. We went with Julie (Crazymamaof6) Janie (Hotmama) Michelle, Michelle's daughter Sarah and Berlynn, Linda and Laura. Thanks ladies for a fabulous time!
We arrived home Sunday night and Ron had a birthday cake and presents for me and we had a little party (since I didn't get a cake or get sung to on my birthday!!!!!!!) (wink wink) Its all good. Ready to head back in a heart beat!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here are some random pictures throughout the week. Last weekend Berlynn and her friend from the ward Maria went to California with Maria's mother. They seemed to have had a great time. Lounging on the beach, riding bikes along the ocean side, eating and just relaxing. It was Maria's birthday so they headed out of town.

There's the pictures of the white dress Adisynn wanted and had to wear to church two times in a row. Berlynn was mortified. Couldn't imagine me letting her wear the same dress to church that she wore last week. BIG FREAKIN DEAL!!!! Pretty Funny!!!! :)

Yesterday my nephew graduated from High School. We went over to their house after for a get together. I can't believe I didn't even get a picture of the GRADUATE!!! Sorry Weston.. Got a picture of Abigail. She is changing so much in her looks. She is just the sweetest little baby. Always smiling at ya. Didn't get a very good picture of Ella. I took three pictures and not one of them was she looking at me. But you can see that her blonde hair is growing real fast and she's just a chattering away. She gets so excited to see Adisynn. Adisynn loves to make her laugh and Ella follows her around wherever she goes. Well, basically this was for a family update so I'm sure it's pretty boring for all the rest of you that are reading. Which isn't too many. HeHe...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Saturday The Primary Presidency in our ward arranged to take all the primary children to the Temple for Primary Activity Day. Adisynn was so excited. About a week before, she would wake up every morning and want to know if THIS was the day she was going to the Temple. Well, Saturday finally came and we got her ready to go, prepared a sack lunch for her (they were providing drinks and dessert) and got her to the church by 9:00 A.M (thats early for me) :(

The theme was "LET THE CHILDREN TOUCH THE TEMPLE SO THE TEMPLE CAN TOUCH THEM." They had prepared booklets for each child to carry with them on their little journey. They took pictures of different places around the Temple and wanted the children to find them and then do the activities prepared for them in their books. Some of the places were Angel Moroni, United States Flag, Fountains, The Echo Tree, The Cornerstone-The Las Vegas Temple was dedicated on December 16,1989 by President Ezra Taft Benson. The Star, Sun Stone and Moonstone. Our Bishop, Bishop Bell and his wife work at the Temple on Saturdays and they came out in their white Temple clothes to talk to the children and take them for a tour around the foyer.

I know it touched Adisynn and only being 3 years old I think she will always remember the trip to the Temple. Especially the ride up there with her friends and neighbors who live 2 houses down, Jamie and Erica Stewart and how Sis. Stewart would say ROCK OUT!!!!! (hope I quoted you right Leslie) I think they were listening to Primary Songs that the Presidency prepared for each child so they could listen and learn the songs quicker for the program while driving around in their car. How awesome is that??

We went to the mall that afternoon and Adisynn wanted to buy a dress that was all white. We found a cute one from The Gap and she wore it to church the next day. As I was doing her hair, sitting in the sink looking in the mirror, she jumped up and said, "Mom look,I'm so beautiful, I look like Heaven." That she did!

I just want to thank those ladies for an awesome job they did. They gave a lot of their time and effort to make this day special to each one of those children and I am eternally grateful.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hi Julie

I am blog-jacking your blog to tell you to POST SOMETHING NEW ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Your loving sister,