Thursday, July 31, 2008

Went to Phoenix again for the third time in three months. Ron drove us down there and Ron, Berlynn, Brian and Val went to a Dodger game. I told them to make sure they get a picture of them all at the Dodger game but do you think they did?????? NO!!!! They said they forgot but I think they are a bunch of LIARS!! Ron is so anti-picture taker. If that even makes any sense. We left early Friday morning and Ron came back Sunday and Adisynn and I stayed till Wednesday and Berlynn stayed till the following Sunday. She wanted to stay because she had the rest of the week off and wanted to stay to hang out with Nate. While I was there my sister Laura and her friend Natasha and I went and saw Mama Mia!!!! That was a little dramatic for our taste. I love Abba and the music was great but some of the acting and some of the voices were hidious. We laughed through the whole movie it was so dang comical. Sorry to all those who loved it.....Hated it!!!! Well, hate is a pretty strong word and I didn't hate it... I'll just say I could have bought me 4 yummy Paradise Bakery Brownies for the price of the show and would have enjoyed it much more!!!

Adisynn went to a little friends 4th birthday party. Do you think I remembered to take a picture with the birthday girl??? I was taking these cute little girls home who live in our neighborhood and was thinking how stinkin cute they looked and made them pose, facing the sun so I could take their pictures. Erica and Jamie are twins and they are 8 months older than Adi and Ella is 2 months younger. Do you think Adi is a little BIG for her age?? Hehe....Adisynn comes from Tall Stalk!!!!

Yesterday a few of us went to The Cheese Cake Factory for their $1.50 cheescake. I was all ready to put my order in for 5 or 6 cheesecakes and was shot down to barely getting 2. We were only supposed to get 1 but the guy was so nice he let us order 2 each. It was fun and I needed to get out for a girls lunch. I look like I am holding everyones cheesecakes... :)

Ok, last but not least. Berlynn is in a Big deliema on whether she should stay brown headed or go back to blond. She misses her blond hair but likes the brown because she doesn't have to get it done as often. I told her we should blog about it and see what everyone thinks. So... what do you think?? Blond or Brown?????? HELP!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh my goodness, I don't know what happened to the pictures. You are going to have to get your glasses out or click on the picture to enlarge. Sorry.....
This is kinda a week in review. Last Saturday was my Father's 70th birthday. For his birthday he wanted to go to PF Changs and then swimming. As far as my camera got was PF Changes. We went swimming at my brother's and SIL house, had cake and ice-cream and cooled off a little and sat in the jacuzzi. Hope he had an enjoyable birthday.

I had to take a picture of it raining here in Vegas. It NEVER rains in Vegas. It cooled things off a little but it brought the humidity. The thunder was so loud Adisynn and I just sat out on the porch and listened to the rain come down and pound on the roof top. It was great. Born and raised in Vegas I remember it raining all the time. It would flood all around the valley and I remember being stuck clear across town and have to wait till the flooding went down to even attempt to make my way home. Many times I would drive when it was flooded and it was pretty scary.

Saturday night we went to Town Square. My Nephew came over to visit over the weekend. He's my sister Linda's son who is here working for his Grandpa for the summer. Nate, Michelle's son from Gilbert, Arizona was in town and hung out with the family a little and with Berlynn. I finally got a picture of Ron. I can never get a good picture of him. He is either not smiling or he is hiding behind someone or something like he was at PF Changes. BUM!!!

Tuesday night Sloan and I went to Margarita Ville on the strip. Now living in Vegas I never go down to the strip unless we have company in town or we have to go down for some special event. It was so much fun that we decided we needed to do it more often. You can feel the excitement all around and once the sun goes down and lights come on its fabulous!!! Sloan is lots of fun and we talked and laughed and would ask random people to take our pictures and we acted just like those annoying tourists. We missed not having Kristie with us. We will have to go back.

This is all so all over the place but I wanted to get this posted before I leave town tomorrow morning at 7 am. When Ron says 7:00 he means 7:00. We are heading to Phoenix for a Dodger game or two. Ron and Berlynn LOVE the Dodgers and they are excited to go.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008





We had a great 4th of July weekend. Our good friends the Garfields came from Tucson. They arrived Thursday afternoon and we started it all off at a double-header softball game that Ron was playing in. It was hotter than hell out there and the Garfields were dying. They are not use to the heat. Even though they lived here in Vegas 2 years ago they kinda got use to cooler weather.

Friday morning Ron, Val and the rest of the guys went dirt bike riding. They left early morning when its not so hot. Joel had invited some girl to go riding with them. I guess she was kinda like a guy the way they were talking about her but she got lost and they spent awhile looking for her. We heard all about it the rest of the evening. We then went swimming over some friends house who went out of town for the weekend. They have a lovely pool and backyard and we spent the rest of the afternoon there cooling down and enjoying each others company. We had invited The Brimhalls over to. Kids had a blast. That evening we went over to Dale Tullis house and he had a big BBQ going on. There was lots of people and lots of good food. Watched fireworks in the street and then a great show we could see coming from Athem Country Club. We were all pretty beat by the end of the night.

Saturday the guys did another dirt bike riding trip and the rest of us slept in and later when the guys got home the men took the little ones to the movies. They say Wall-E. Heard it was a pretty boring show. Adisynn feel asleep for part of it and the rest of us got to go shopping. Great sales I might add. That evening we took all the kids over to the Brimhalls house and they had pizza and played while we went to Town Square for dinner at CPK. Yum, it was delicious. That pretty much sums up our weekend. We were supposed to go to Summit, Utah to my parents house but I was glad that the Garfields came instead. I was dreading the drive home from Utah on Sunday if we had gone. The traffic is always a mess coming back home from a holiday. Bumper to bumper and Ron's driving scares me. Hehe. :)
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