Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tonight my parents took Berlynn and I and my nephew, Dallin to dinner. Dallin has been working over the summer here in Vegas for his Grandpa and is heading home this Friday. I'm sure he is excited to get out of this stinkin heat and enjoy a little bit of cooler weather, and home to his 5 brothers who I'm sure have missed him so much! (Give him a few days and he will be thinking that the hot weather wasn't so bad after all) Anyway, we ate at Lone Star. YUM! Thanks Mom and Dad for a delicious Steak dinner.
Ron stayed home to watch Adisynn while we went to dinner. YAY and THANKS RON!!!! Adisynn loves hanging out with her dad. Everyday she asks if she can go to work with him. If it wasn't so hot I'm sure Ron would take her to work with him alot more. In fact I would make sure she did. Hehe....
Don't you like the Coors bottle coming out of Dallin's head??? Sorry Dallin!! :)