Sunday, October 19, 2008


Wednesday we left for Provo because Berlynn had a tournament at BYU. We love going to Provo and we always have such a blast. Linda flew in Thursday night and we stayed at Little America Hotel in Salt Lake. We spent the evening shopping at the Gateway Mall. Fabulous Mall I might add. Berlynn was not happy because she wasn't able to go with us because she had to stay with the team. It's such a bummer that she can't hang out with us because we miss not having her around. We picked Ron up at the airport Friday morning and headed to the first ball game. A total of 8 this whole weekend. Berlynn is one tired puppy!! They played her all 8 games. She did such a wonderful job and we enjoy watching her play.

Saturday we drove around Draper looking for a good area for Linda to move to. We found some real beautiful homes around the Draper Temple. Wow, there are some nice homes around there. But first she has to sell her house in California but at least she has an idea of where she would like to go.

Saturday evening Ron rode back to Vegas with the team and Mom, Adisynn and I drove back to Summit, Utah where my parents have a house. Stayed the night and Adi and I drove back to Vegas Sunday afternoon. We had a fun time and I enjoy the time I can spend with my Mom. We have done this trip now for the past 4 or 5 years and we look forward to going the next year. At least I do. Give my Mom a few months to recouperate and she will be ready to go again. :)
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