Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Today is Berlynn's 20th birthday. I can't believe she is that old. That just means I am getting older and I don't like that!!! We had family in town for Thanksgiving so we thought we would celebrate her birthday on Saturday. We went to Claim Jumpers for dinner with just the adults and had cake and ice-cream with the kiddies!! Berlynn had lots of helpers, bringing her presents to her and helping her open and blow out the candles on her cake.

The girls on her softball team from school and some baseball players went to Outback for dinner for her birthday. I hope she had a fabulous day. We are so thankful to have Berlynn. She has grown up to be a wonderful and beautiful daughter and we are so proud of her. She has brought such joy and happiness into our lives. Clear up to the delivery room we thought we were having a baby boy. Boy, were we surprised when the doctor announced it was a GIRL!!!! So instead of a baby "Beau" (which would have been her name if she was a boy) we got a baby "Berlynn" We love you Berlynn and Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Wednesday we left for Provo because Berlynn had a tournament at BYU. We love going to Provo and we always have such a blast. Linda flew in Thursday night and we stayed at Little America Hotel in Salt Lake. We spent the evening shopping at the Gateway Mall. Fabulous Mall I might add. Berlynn was not happy because she wasn't able to go with us because she had to stay with the team. It's such a bummer that she can't hang out with us because we miss not having her around. We picked Ron up at the airport Friday morning and headed to the first ball game. A total of 8 this whole weekend. Berlynn is one tired puppy!! They played her all 8 games. She did such a wonderful job and we enjoy watching her play.

Saturday we drove around Draper looking for a good area for Linda to move to. We found some real beautiful homes around the Draper Temple. Wow, there are some nice homes around there. But first she has to sell her house in California but at least she has an idea of where she would like to go.

Saturday evening Ron rode back to Vegas with the team and Mom, Adisynn and I drove back to Summit, Utah where my parents have a house. Stayed the night and Adi and I drove back to Vegas Sunday afternoon. We had a fun time and I enjoy the time I can spend with my Mom. We have done this trip now for the past 4 or 5 years and we look forward to going the next year. At least I do. Give my Mom a few months to recouperate and she will be ready to go again. :)
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Friday, September 19, 2008

FINALLY!!! Finally I get Berlynn to download pictures so I can do Adisynn's birthday post. Its only been a week now since her birthday! I thought I would put the whole thing in a collage since a lot had happened that week. Adisynn's birthday was September 10th. We had a little family party. We made it simple and had pizza and cake and ice-cream and my brother and SIL came over with their kids to celebrate. Plus, Ma and Papa came too. She got lots of fun gifts. My parents gave her the baby doll and she told them the next day she didn't like it and hasn't played with it at all. Sorry Mom and Dad! She even asked for a baby doll for her birthday. That and a baseball bat. From my brother's family they gave her all the girly dress up that she is dressed up in and posing her famous pose. Every picture we take of her she has to pose like that. It's not like we all do that when we get our pictures taken. Ok, maybe I do.....hehe.

Adisynn has a friend, Maddy, that had a birthday the next day and we decided that we would have a little birthday party together since they would be inviting the same little girls. It was a swimming party and there were 9 little girls there. I think they had fun. They sure had a fun time running around the pool and getting wet in the showers. Had cupcakes and opened presents and I think it went pretty well myself.

We are so grateful to have Adisynn in our family. She brings a lot of fireworks to our household. She's a kick in the pants. She makes us laugh, she makes us angry, she keeps us on our toes but she is here for a reason and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the special gifts he has sent us by sending us our 2 wonderful daughters. It took a lot of fasting and praying and alot of pregnancies to get them here and even though they are so far apart in years we will take them whenever we can get them!!! We love you Adisynn Grace!!!!!!!
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Friday, September 5, 2008

This past week has been pretty busy for Adisynn. She started Tap and Ballet lessons. She told me from the beginning that she WAS NOT going to take dance lessons. We went out to get her suited up with the whole shibang and the whole time insisting that she did not want to learn how to dance. She let that be known to everyone around us. I fianlly left the store empty handed with the clerk telling me, "Good luck on that one." I finally just borrowed from a friend of mine (thanks Christina) to make sure she will stick with it before I go and buy it. After dance she comes out and tells me she hates dancing, the teacher was mean, and tells me she wants to get her frickin shoes of because they were killing her and she WAS NOT going back. From the looks of the pictures you couldn't tell that she was mad because as soon as i pulled the camera out she struck a pose! I had already paid for the month so I told her she needed to go back 3 more times. We will see!!!! That evening she put on Berlynn's softball helmit, had her pink glove in her hand and a bat and wanted Ron to throw the ball so she could hit. Thats where I'm afraid we are going to end up. At the ball fields instead of dance recitals.

She also started pre-school this past week. She was so excited. She loves Miss Karen and she missed her little friends. I asked her how school was and she told me that Miss Karen's curtains fell down because her, Maddy and Sophie were hiding in them and they fell off the wall. GREAT!!!!!! :0 Hope next week goes alittle better, and it's only pre-school. I have 12 more years of this! Ugh! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tonight my parents took Berlynn and I and my nephew, Dallin to dinner. Dallin has been working over the summer here in Vegas for his Grandpa and is heading home this Friday. I'm sure he is excited to get out of this stinkin heat and enjoy a little bit of cooler weather, and home to his 5 brothers who I'm sure have missed him so much! (Give him a few days and he will be thinking that the hot weather wasn't so bad after all) Anyway, we ate at Lone Star. YUM! Thanks Mom and Dad for a delicious Steak dinner.
Ron stayed home to watch Adisynn while we went to dinner. YAY and THANKS RON!!!! Adisynn loves hanging out with her dad. Everyday she asks if she can go to work with him. If it wasn't so hot I'm sure Ron would take her to work with him alot more. In fact I would make sure she did. Hehe....
Don't you like the Coors bottle coming out of Dallin's head??? Sorry Dallin!! :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Went to Phoenix again for the third time in three months. Ron drove us down there and Ron, Berlynn, Brian and Val went to a Dodger game. I told them to make sure they get a picture of them all at the Dodger game but do you think they did?????? NO!!!! They said they forgot but I think they are a bunch of LIARS!! Ron is so anti-picture taker. If that even makes any sense. We left early Friday morning and Ron came back Sunday and Adisynn and I stayed till Wednesday and Berlynn stayed till the following Sunday. She wanted to stay because she had the rest of the week off and wanted to stay to hang out with Nate. While I was there my sister Laura and her friend Natasha and I went and saw Mama Mia!!!! That was a little dramatic for our taste. I love Abba and the music was great but some of the acting and some of the voices were hidious. We laughed through the whole movie it was so dang comical. Sorry to all those who loved it.....Hated it!!!! Well, hate is a pretty strong word and I didn't hate it... I'll just say I could have bought me 4 yummy Paradise Bakery Brownies for the price of the show and would have enjoyed it much more!!!

Adisynn went to a little friends 4th birthday party. Do you think I remembered to take a picture with the birthday girl??? I was taking these cute little girls home who live in our neighborhood and was thinking how stinkin cute they looked and made them pose, facing the sun so I could take their pictures. Erica and Jamie are twins and they are 8 months older than Adi and Ella is 2 months younger. Do you think Adi is a little BIG for her age?? Hehe....Adisynn comes from Tall Stalk!!!!

Yesterday a few of us went to The Cheese Cake Factory for their $1.50 cheescake. I was all ready to put my order in for 5 or 6 cheesecakes and was shot down to barely getting 2. We were only supposed to get 1 but the guy was so nice he let us order 2 each. It was fun and I needed to get out for a girls lunch. I look like I am holding everyones cheesecakes... :)

Ok, last but not least. Berlynn is in a Big deliema on whether she should stay brown headed or go back to blond. She misses her blond hair but likes the brown because she doesn't have to get it done as often. I told her we should blog about it and see what everyone thinks. So... what do you think?? Blond or Brown?????? HELP!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh my goodness, I don't know what happened to the pictures. You are going to have to get your glasses out or click on the picture to enlarge. Sorry.....
This is kinda a week in review. Last Saturday was my Father's 70th birthday. For his birthday he wanted to go to PF Changs and then swimming. As far as my camera got was PF Changes. We went swimming at my brother's and SIL house, had cake and ice-cream and cooled off a little and sat in the jacuzzi. Hope he had an enjoyable birthday.

I had to take a picture of it raining here in Vegas. It NEVER rains in Vegas. It cooled things off a little but it brought the humidity. The thunder was so loud Adisynn and I just sat out on the porch and listened to the rain come down and pound on the roof top. It was great. Born and raised in Vegas I remember it raining all the time. It would flood all around the valley and I remember being stuck clear across town and have to wait till the flooding went down to even attempt to make my way home. Many times I would drive when it was flooded and it was pretty scary.

Saturday night we went to Town Square. My Nephew came over to visit over the weekend. He's my sister Linda's son who is here working for his Grandpa for the summer. Nate, Michelle's son from Gilbert, Arizona was in town and hung out with the family a little and with Berlynn. I finally got a picture of Ron. I can never get a good picture of him. He is either not smiling or he is hiding behind someone or something like he was at PF Changes. BUM!!!

Tuesday night Sloan and I went to Margarita Ville on the strip. Now living in Vegas I never go down to the strip unless we have company in town or we have to go down for some special event. It was so much fun that we decided we needed to do it more often. You can feel the excitement all around and once the sun goes down and lights come on its fabulous!!! Sloan is lots of fun and we talked and laughed and would ask random people to take our pictures and we acted just like those annoying tourists. We missed not having Kristie with us. We will have to go back.

This is all so all over the place but I wanted to get this posted before I leave town tomorrow morning at 7 am. When Ron says 7:00 he means 7:00. We are heading to Phoenix for a Dodger game or two. Ron and Berlynn LOVE the Dodgers and they are excited to go.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008





We had a great 4th of July weekend. Our good friends the Garfields came from Tucson. They arrived Thursday afternoon and we started it all off at a double-header softball game that Ron was playing in. It was hotter than hell out there and the Garfields were dying. They are not use to the heat. Even though they lived here in Vegas 2 years ago they kinda got use to cooler weather.

Friday morning Ron, Val and the rest of the guys went dirt bike riding. They left early morning when its not so hot. Joel had invited some girl to go riding with them. I guess she was kinda like a guy the way they were talking about her but she got lost and they spent awhile looking for her. We heard all about it the rest of the evening. We then went swimming over some friends house who went out of town for the weekend. They have a lovely pool and backyard and we spent the rest of the afternoon there cooling down and enjoying each others company. We had invited The Brimhalls over to. Kids had a blast. That evening we went over to Dale Tullis house and he had a big BBQ going on. There was lots of people and lots of good food. Watched fireworks in the street and then a great show we could see coming from Athem Country Club. We were all pretty beat by the end of the night.

Saturday the guys did another dirt bike riding trip and the rest of us slept in and later when the guys got home the men took the little ones to the movies. They say Wall-E. Heard it was a pretty boring show. Adisynn feel asleep for part of it and the rest of us got to go shopping. Great sales I might add. That evening we took all the kids over to the Brimhalls house and they had pizza and played while we went to Town Square for dinner at CPK. Yum, it was delicious. That pretty much sums up our weekend. We were supposed to go to Summit, Utah to my parents house but I was glad that the Garfields came instead. I was dreading the drive home from Utah on Sunday if we had gone. The traffic is always a mess coming back home from a holiday. Bumper to bumper and Ron's driving scares me. Hehe. :)
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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tonight, two of my good friends took me out to dinner for my birthday. We went to Claim Jumpers, at Town Square. It was delicious. These girls are so funny and so fun to be around. They are a crack up and we had a great time. We went to Boot Camp together for 6 weeks and have been doing fun things together ever since Boot Camp ended. Sloan is a make-up artist and we spent about 2 hours at MAC. She did a little makeover on each of us and then we headed over to U-Swirl for some yogurt ice-cream. Sloan works with me in Primary. She is the chorister and I play the piano. We have a good time for ourselves on Sunday. It would be pretty boring if she wasn't in there to liven things up. Plus she is so beautiful that all the kids are in awe when she is up there leading the music. Kristie's little girl Madison and Adisynn are little playmates and we are going to car pool to pre-school this year. Kristie had her eyes made-up this evening and they were gorgeous. She has great big brown eyes. I don't know if you can tell from the picture all that was done but it was so fun. Berlynn came along too and its so fun having her old enough to come hang out with us. Now Adisynn is another story....... Sloan's darling boy Gavin came along too. Hes use to hanging out at the MAC store. He was an angel. Thanks again girls for dinner and a freakin fun night!!!!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Berlynn, Adisynn and I flew to Phoenix for my birthday. We had a fabulous time. Really hated to come back to "THE REAL WORLD". For some reason I really like to be out of town for my birthday. Its been like that now for the fast several years.
Our trip consisted of swimming, and yes I did get my hair wet. Usually when I swim I just paddle around the pool and tell everyone not to splash me or I'll have to kick some butts!! Lots of eating. Especially the cream cheese brownies from Paradise Bakery!!!! TO DIE FOR!!! Even better than the BYU brownies. For my birthday lunch we went to Cheese Cake Factory and for the birthday dinner we went to Tia Rosa Mexican restarant. YUM!!!!! Went to a few baseball games, shopping and more shopping and even more shopping.
Saturday night we went to PF Changs for a bloggers dinner. It was totally fun. We stayed until closing and could have stayed there all night long just visiting. We went with Julie (Crazymamaof6) Janie (Hotmama) Michelle, Michelle's daughter Sarah and Berlynn, Linda and Laura. Thanks ladies for a fabulous time!
We arrived home Sunday night and Ron had a birthday cake and presents for me and we had a little party (since I didn't get a cake or get sung to on my birthday!!!!!!!) (wink wink) Its all good. Ready to head back in a heart beat!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here are some random pictures throughout the week. Last weekend Berlynn and her friend from the ward Maria went to California with Maria's mother. They seemed to have had a great time. Lounging on the beach, riding bikes along the ocean side, eating and just relaxing. It was Maria's birthday so they headed out of town.

There's the pictures of the white dress Adisynn wanted and had to wear to church two times in a row. Berlynn was mortified. Couldn't imagine me letting her wear the same dress to church that she wore last week. BIG FREAKIN DEAL!!!! Pretty Funny!!!! :)

Yesterday my nephew graduated from High School. We went over to their house after for a get together. I can't believe I didn't even get a picture of the GRADUATE!!! Sorry Weston.. Got a picture of Abigail. She is changing so much in her looks. She is just the sweetest little baby. Always smiling at ya. Didn't get a very good picture of Ella. I took three pictures and not one of them was she looking at me. But you can see that her blonde hair is growing real fast and she's just a chattering away. She gets so excited to see Adisynn. Adisynn loves to make her laugh and Ella follows her around wherever she goes. Well, basically this was for a family update so I'm sure it's pretty boring for all the rest of you that are reading. Which isn't too many. HeHe...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Saturday The Primary Presidency in our ward arranged to take all the primary children to the Temple for Primary Activity Day. Adisynn was so excited. About a week before, she would wake up every morning and want to know if THIS was the day she was going to the Temple. Well, Saturday finally came and we got her ready to go, prepared a sack lunch for her (they were providing drinks and dessert) and got her to the church by 9:00 A.M (thats early for me) :(

The theme was "LET THE CHILDREN TOUCH THE TEMPLE SO THE TEMPLE CAN TOUCH THEM." They had prepared booklets for each child to carry with them on their little journey. They took pictures of different places around the Temple and wanted the children to find them and then do the activities prepared for them in their books. Some of the places were Angel Moroni, United States Flag, Fountains, The Echo Tree, The Cornerstone-The Las Vegas Temple was dedicated on December 16,1989 by President Ezra Taft Benson. The Star, Sun Stone and Moonstone. Our Bishop, Bishop Bell and his wife work at the Temple on Saturdays and they came out in their white Temple clothes to talk to the children and take them for a tour around the foyer.

I know it touched Adisynn and only being 3 years old I think she will always remember the trip to the Temple. Especially the ride up there with her friends and neighbors who live 2 houses down, Jamie and Erica Stewart and how Sis. Stewart would say ROCK OUT!!!!! (hope I quoted you right Leslie) I think they were listening to Primary Songs that the Presidency prepared for each child so they could listen and learn the songs quicker for the program while driving around in their car. How awesome is that??

We went to the mall that afternoon and Adisynn wanted to buy a dress that was all white. We found a cute one from The Gap and she wore it to church the next day. As I was doing her hair, sitting in the sink looking in the mirror, she jumped up and said, "Mom look,I'm so beautiful, I look like Heaven." That she did!

I just want to thank those ladies for an awesome job they did. They gave a lot of their time and effort to make this day special to each one of those children and I am eternally grateful.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hi Julie

I am blog-jacking your blog to tell you to POST SOMETHING NEW ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Your loving sister,


Friday, May 23, 2008


WELL,WELL!!!!! It's only been a week since we returned from our trip to Arizona. We had a wonderful time. Got to meet for lunch with some other bloggers and we had a blast. It was so comfortable because I felt like I already knew these ladies. We will definately have to meet again when I come back to town. Which I am thinking will be June 16-22. Laura's husband is leaving town for the week and I thought it would be fun to go back and while we are there celebrate my birthday. The hubby has no problem with that since it would get him out of having to deal with my birthday celebration. I am trying to get Linda to fly down and hang out for the weekend. So girls put that on your calendar for another fun lunch or maybe dinner.

Our good friends The Garfields came to visit us for the evening. They live in Vail, Arizona. It was so nice to see them and to have them come just to hang out with us. We sure miss them since they moved from Vegas. Adisynn sure misses Johnathon. They are such good little friends and always will be.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I just have to post these pictures because they are just too funny not to and if I don't then I will forget they even happened. Every time I notice that Adisynn is missing I know exactly where to look.......IN MY CAR!!!! I opened the garage door and found her and the dog and her baby staring at me!! I don't know what it is about the car.

The second picture is a cotton ball. I walked in the bathroom the other day and she had this cotton ball that she was really working it over. Getting wet, patting it, pulling it and molding it. I asked her what she was doing and she looked up at me and said, "I am making Berlynn a tampon." I just couldn't help from laughing. I told Ron about it but he wasn't too amused with it like I was.

The third picture, Berlynn and I were watching TV. Adisynn loves to dress herself in whatever she thinks she looks good in. She came in and stood in front of the TV and did her "SUPERSTAR" pose. This girl sure has her dad and sisters sense of humor. Always joking around.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

YAY!!!! Our Master Bathroom is finally finished. We have been talking about redoing our bathroom for quite some time now. We thought we would do it when Berlynn left for school. Then we could use her bathroom but, we didn't move quick enough because after a few months she was home. But it is turned out beautiful and we are happy with it and thought I had better post pictures for those of you who have been bugging me to post them. A big thanks to our friend Bill who did a fabulous job!!! The R & J was Ron's contribution to this bathroom. We went to St. George to Tai Pan and he thought this would look great between the two sinks. That place is wonderful and a MUST to check out when you are in St. George. I came out with a headache because there is so much to look at that you almost have to have an idea for what you are looking for before you go shopping. They are building one in VEGAS!!! YAY...Can't wait!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Thought I'd better post about our trip to California. We went there to visit my sister Linda and her family for my Mother's 70th Birthday!!! Whoo Hooo she doesn't look at all 70 years old.
We had a wonderful time. Lots of shopping, eating, we celebrated 2 birthdays while we were there and a couple of ball games. There were a few minor set backs with Linda pulling a muscle in her back the day we got there. She got out of the car to help lift the heavy suitcases and bent over and couldn't get back up. At first I thought she was kidding and called her a few names but she was serious alright because for the next 5 days we had to cater to her every wish!!!! No actually it wasn't as bad as I am telling you it was. She actually did pretty dang good for the pain that she was in. She was a trooper. Thank goodness my Mom brought her handicap sticker because the way Linda was walking she totally fit the sign. :)
Mom had a good birthday, so she says. We tried to make it special and the kids definately went out of their way to make that happen. We had to hear every ten minutes from the 3 year olds "Happy Birthday", they sound exactly like Frosty The Snowman when he says "Happy New Year" and they said it just like him.
Hayden and Adisynn grab assed (thats what my Mom always called bickering) the whole time we were there. We heard, "I'm not your friend," "shut your mouth," "I don't like you," so many times that I thought I would beat the crap out of them. (But of course I wouldn't have) :o
Well, my Mom, me, Adisynn and Berlynn will be heading to Gilbert, Arizona in 3 weeks to visit my other sister Laura. The thought of traveling again and dealing with the airport scene, having my luggage put on another plane and being delivered to my house the next day, and a 3 year old gives me a headache but I'm sure when the time comes around we will be rip, roaring and ready to go. I hope!!! :)