Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Well, after a year since my last post and family and friends asking when I was going to update my blog, I thought I had better get going and start keeping better record of our family.

I just gathered a few pictures of our year of 2009 and I'm sure there are a lot that I have left out but these are the ones that I could figure out.

Adisynn had a dance recital back in June and she loved it. She took tap and ballet with her little friend Maddy. They were so darn cute. During the summer we took trips to California to the beach and to Disneyland for Adisynn and Berlynn's birthday. How exciting is that to spend your 21st birthday in Disneyland. It was Berlynn and I and Christina and Donna that went and we had a blast. Adisynn's 5th birthday Ron graced us by going to Disneyland. He hates Disneyland and will probably never go again but did it for his sweet youngest daughter.

Adisynn started Kindergarten this year and she goes all day. She loves her teachers and she LOVES Jack Marshall. He is just a little boy in her class that she talks about all the time and who chases them around the playground. She gets all giddy when we bring up Jack Marshall. I think we maybe in trouble.

Berlynn started her 3rd year of college. She is playing softball for CSN and I think she is already OVER IT!!! She loves playing ball and she is really good at it. We enjoy watching and traveling with the team. Ron is helping out with coaching this year so he is in heaven. Berlynn had to have surgery on her knee before she could play this season and she has recovered remarkably.

Thanksgiving we spent with family and Christmas was spent with just our family and New Years we traveled to Chris and Linda's new house in Utah and went to Temple Square and had fun playing games and hanging out with the family. I can honestly say I am so glad I don't live in the snow.I hate being cold and it scares me to drive in it.

Well that pretty much sums up our 2009 year and I know I had left out a lot and that is why I need to keep better record. At least that is my New Years resolution. It has already taken me a month to get started. I am such a procrastinator.