Friday, September 19, 2008

FINALLY!!! Finally I get Berlynn to download pictures so I can do Adisynn's birthday post. Its only been a week now since her birthday! I thought I would put the whole thing in a collage since a lot had happened that week. Adisynn's birthday was September 10th. We had a little family party. We made it simple and had pizza and cake and ice-cream and my brother and SIL came over with their kids to celebrate. Plus, Ma and Papa came too. She got lots of fun gifts. My parents gave her the baby doll and she told them the next day she didn't like it and hasn't played with it at all. Sorry Mom and Dad! She even asked for a baby doll for her birthday. That and a baseball bat. From my brother's family they gave her all the girly dress up that she is dressed up in and posing her famous pose. Every picture we take of her she has to pose like that. It's not like we all do that when we get our pictures taken. Ok, maybe I do.....hehe.

Adisynn has a friend, Maddy, that had a birthday the next day and we decided that we would have a little birthday party together since they would be inviting the same little girls. It was a swimming party and there were 9 little girls there. I think they had fun. They sure had a fun time running around the pool and getting wet in the showers. Had cupcakes and opened presents and I think it went pretty well myself.

We are so grateful to have Adisynn in our family. She brings a lot of fireworks to our household. She's a kick in the pants. She makes us laugh, she makes us angry, she keeps us on our toes but she is here for a reason and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the special gifts he has sent us by sending us our 2 wonderful daughters. It took a lot of fasting and praying and alot of pregnancies to get them here and even though they are so far apart in years we will take them whenever we can get them!!! We love you Adisynn Grace!!!!!!!
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smithfam said...

Glad Adisynn had a fun Bday!

Yes indeed it took alot of prayers to get those girls. We love them!

Finally, you posted. Quit taking so long in between posts missy!

SuperCoolMom said...

She is such a cutie! Love the pose with attitude! I feel the same way - glad to get those babies, anytime!

Holly said...

I always forget Adisynn is younger than Lucas & Hayden - she's so "advanced" - well at least in language!!!!

Yes, I agree with Linda - you need to post more often - even if it's "I'm alive".... ha ha!

The land of the "white and pasty" as Linda calls it awaits you!!!!

Kristie said...

Cute pictures! You need to let me know how to do the collage. So glad she finally has a doll and dress-ups...even if she says she doesn't like them anymore:)

michelle said...

I am glad Adisynn had a fun Birthday! She sure is cute. I still need to learn how to put together a collage, they are so neat!

It is good to see you posting! :)

Jenny Ham said...

Adisynn is quite the character! Too bad you couldn't have waited one more day to have her, she could have had the birthday of the "cool people" on the 11th.